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durand-singing-01Born September 16, 1988, in Cleveland, Ohio, Durand Bernarr was destined to pursue a career in the music industry. Music is in his DNA!

His mother is a music teacher, vocal coach and music director at a local playhouse.

His father is a singer as well, and has traveled the world as a sound engineer working with artists such as Barry Manilow, Jill Scott, Nelly and the St. Lunatics, Cash Money Millionaires, Earth, Wind & Fire, 50 Cent, and the late Whitney Houston, just to name a few.

Since he was a young child, Durand Bernarr has been involved in theatre, and has performed in productions at Karamu House Theater such as “Holes”, “Black Nativity” and his all-time favorite, “God’s Trombones.” Being involved in these productions further fueled his desire to pursue a career in music and also seasoned him as a performer.

Durand writes and arranges all of his music and to date has written over 500 songs.

In December 2007, he started posting videos on YouTube; saturating the internet with his music and in 2009, he independently released his 1st project... "Alcoholharmony: The MixT@pe"
By 2010, he had been discovered by artists such as YahZarah, The Foreign Exchange, Rickey Smiley
and Neo-Soul Songstress Erykah Badu.
 As the self-proclaimed step-son of Erykah Badu, she reached out to Durand and invited him to be apart of her band “Neda Stella” after hearing his second project release: "8ight: The Stepson of Erykah Badu".271255 171192916279654 117118081687138 443490 72822 o-bp

During the summer of 2011, he had the pleasure of traveling with Badu and singing background for her European tour as her “2nd Soprano”.

Durand is currently keeping himself busy by continuing to better his craft and sharpening what he aches to do for the rest of his life... Becoming a full time musician: sharing his unique music abilities and color personality with the world and to be a household name.


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